How to Start Yulu Electric Bike?

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Just like unlocking a treasure chest, starting a Yulu electric bike involves a simple but specific set of steps that we're going to guide you through.

We'll walk you through the process, from downloading and setting up the Yulu app, to finding your nearest Yulu Zone, and finally unlocking your bike.

But it's not just about getting the wheels rolling. What's the key to a smooth ride? How does one ensure the journey is as enjoyable as the destination?

Stick around, as we're about to unlock those answers too.

Key Takeaways

  • Download the Yulu app and create an account to start using Yulu Electric Bike.
  • Use the app's map to locate available electric bikes and choose one that catches your eye.
  • Unlock the bike by scanning the QR code on it using the app and pay a security amount of INR 199.
  • Follow safety measures, such as wearing a helmet and obeying traffic rules, while enjoying a swift and safe ride.

Downloading and Signing Up on Yulu App

To kickstart your journey with Yulu electric bikes, the first step is to download the Yulu app from your Android or iOS app store and sign up. This initial step is crucial, especially for first-time users who are navigating the world of electric bikes.

Once you've downloaded the app, you'll need to follow the on-screen instructions to create your account. We've made the sign-up process as seamless as possible, ensuring an enjoyable experience right from the start. You'll need to enable location detection services in the app, as it helps us locate the nearest Yulu Zone for you, enhancing your user experience while saving valuable time.

The app acts as your digital map, guiding you towards the electric bikes available in your vicinity. Isn't it exciting to have the power to locate your ride with just a few taps on your device?

After completing the sign-up process, you're all set to experience the convenience and joy of Yulu electric bikes. Welcome to our community, your journey towards a greener and healthier lifestyle starts here!

Locating and Selecting Your Yulu Bike

Once you've successfully signed up on the Yulu app, you're ready to locate and select your very own Yulu electric bike. We're here to guide you through this exciting process.

Firstly, ensure your phone's location services are enabled. It's necessary for the app to find the nearest Yulu Zone. Once the app pinpoints your location, it'll display the nearest Yulu Zones on a map. It's your first step into becoming part of our green commuting community.

Next, head over to the nearest Yulu Zone. There, you'll find rows of our sleek, ready-to-ride electric bikes. Select one that catches your eye. You're not just choosing a bike, you're choosing an eco-friendly lifestyle.

To unlock the bike, scan the QR code located on the bike using the Yulu app. Pay the security amount of INR 199, and voila! The bike is all yours.

  • Feel the thrill of unlocking your very own Yulu bike
  • Experience the joy of joining a community dedicated to sustainable commuting
  • Savor the anticipation as you approach your chosen Yulu bike
  • Relish the sense of accomplishment when you scan the QR code
  • Embrace the pride in contributing to a greener planet

Welcome to the Yulu family! Enjoy your ride.

Initiating Your Yulu Bike Ride

renting a yulu bike

Now that you've unlocked your chosen Yulu bike, let's dive into the process of initiating your ride. After unlocking the bike using the Yulu app, you're ready to explore at your leisure. But remember, safety comes first. Always wear a helmet, obey traffic rules, and stay in your designated lanes. This not only ensures your safety but also creates a sense of belonging on the road, fostering a more inclusive and mindful community of riders.

The Yulu bike is capable of reaching a top speed that provides a swift yet safe ride. To initiate the ride, simply pedal for a few seconds until the electric assist kicks in. This will propel you forward, allowing you to ride seamlessly with less effort.

When you've reached your destination, make sure to park the bike at a designated Yulu Zone. This is crucial for the next user's convenience and the overall efficiency of the Yulu service. To end your ride, simply lock the bike using the app. It's as easy as that!

Congratulations, you've now successfully initiated your Yulu bike ride. Enjoy the journey and remember – keep safety as your top priority.

Proper Usage of Yulu E-Bike

Understanding the correct usage of the Yulu E-Bike not only ensures a smooth ride but also promotes a safer cycling environment for everyone. We want you to feel comfortable and secure while using this service, so we've listed out a few critical steps to follow:

  • Download the Yulu app from your Android or iOS app store and create an account.
  • Use the app to find the nearest Yulu Zone and unlock your yulu electric bike by paying a security deposit.

While riding, always comply with traffic rules, stay in designated lanes, be vigilant of your surroundings, and don't forget to wear your helmet.

  • After your ride, park the bike at a designated Yulu Zone and lock it using the app.
  • Considering the added value and savings, we suggest taking advantage of Yulu's Saver Packs if you're a frequent rider.

We're here to ensure your journey with the yulu electric bike is safe, smooth, and enjoyable. Remember, we're all part of a community working towards a greener and healthier future. Let's make the most of it together.

Ending Your Yulu Bike Journey

returning yulu bikes bangalore

As we wrap up our journey, it's crucial to understand the process of ending our Yulu bike ride.

This involves correctly parking the bike at a Yulu Zone and using the app to securely lock it.

Parking Yulu Bike Properly

When it's time to finish your Yulu bike journey, locating a designated Yulu Zone is the first step to park your bike properly and securely. As a community, we're responsible for making sure our bikes are safe and accessible for the next rider. Even if you're two people riding together, each Yulu bike should be properly parked.

  • Use the Yulu app to lock the bike securely. This is our commitment to the safety of our bikes.
  • Park in an orderly manner. We're a community that respects each other's space.
  • Follow local parking regulations. We abide by the rules.
  • Confirm the end of your ride in the app. We ensure that our responsibilities are completed.
  • Ensure the bike is locked before leaving. We take care of our community's assets.

Finalizing Your Yulu Trip

Finalizing your Yulu trip is a simple process that involves a few crucial steps to ensure the bike is ready for the next rider.

After enjoying your ride, park the bike at a designated Yulu Zone. From there, use the app to securely lock the bike.

It's essential to then end your ride in the app to complete the trip. This step is vital to start your Yulu electric bike journey correctly next time.

Once completed, you'll receive a trip summary detailing the fare and distance traveled. Always double-check that the app confirms the trip's end and that the bike is securely locked.

Following these steps ensures a smooth, responsible finish to your Yulu ride, fostering a sense of belonging in our community of riders.

Understanding Yulu Saver Packs

Let's now turn our attention to understanding Yulu Saver Packs.

These packs offer substantial benefits, from cost savings to added value for your rides, making them an excellent choice for regular users.

We'll explore how to purchase them and discuss strategies for using them efficiently to maximize your Yulu experience.

Benefits of Saver Packs

Understanding Yulu Saver Packs can significantly enhance your riding experience, as they offer substantial value and savings, particularly for frequent users. Let's take a closer look at the benefits:

  • Saver Packs provide cost-effective options, giving you more value for your money.
  • They offer a range of choices, catering to various usage needs.
  • With benefits like credits, eCash, and extra rides, each ride becomes a rewarding experience.
  • These packs are valid for up to 120 days, giving you the flexibility to ride at your own pace.
  • Every ride with a Saver Pack results in pocketful of savings, making your Yulu journey not just an eco-friendly choice, but a financially smart one too.

Being a part of the Yulu community means embracing smarter, cost-effective, and sustainable commuting.

Buying Yulu Saver Packs

To make the most out of your Yulu journeys, investing in Saver Packs can be a game-changer, providing not only cost-effective solutions but also additional perks like credits, eCash, and bonus rides. These packs offer varying benefits based on the amount invested, from Yulu 150 to Yulu 2500, and are valid for a period between 15 and 120 days.

Here's a quick look at some options:

Saver Pack Validity (Days) Benefits
Yulu 150 15 Credits and Bonus Rides
Yulu 500 45 Credits, Bonus Rides, and eCash
Yulu 2500 120 Maximum Credits, Bonus Rides, and eCash

Utilizing Saver Packs Efficiently

Opting for the right Saver Pack can significantly enhance your Yulu experience, providing you with savings and added benefits each time you ride. However, understanding Saver pack limitations is crucial to efficiently utilize them.

  • Yulu 150, 300, 500, 1000, and 2500 are the options, each with a specific validity period. Choose wisely based on your frequency of rides.
  • Make the most of benefits like credits, eCash, and extra rides.
  • Remember, Saver Packs are designed for flexibility, allowing you to enjoy Yulu services over an extended period.
  • Each ride with Saver Pack translates into savings. It's not just a ride, but a smart choice.
  • Lastly, stay well-informed about the validity of your Saver Pack to prevent any last-minute hassles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Start a Yulu Bike?

We're all about safety when riding Yulu bikes. We download the Yulu app, pay the security, scan the bike's QR code. Always remember to follow traffic rules and use the bike's safety features.

How to Unlock Yulu Bike Free?

We've got some great unlocking techniques for Yulu bikes. First, find the nearest Yulu Zone in the app. Then, you'll just scan the bike's QR code to unlock it, all for free.

How Do I Connect to Yulu?

We're connecting to Yulu through app navigation. After downloading the Yulu app, we'll create an account, enable location services, and locate the nearest Yulu Zone. A security payment of INR 199 unlocks the bike.

How Do You Charge a Yulu Bike?

We've mastered the charging essentials for Yulu bikes! First, we locate a Yulu Zone via the app. Then, we park and connect the bike to the charging station. Lastly, we wait for a full charge.


In conclusion, riding a Yulu electric bike is as easy as pie. We've sailed through the process together, from downloading the app to ending our journey.

It's like finding treasure with a map, the app being our guide. With over 2500 Yulu zones in India, the adventure never ends.

Remember, it's not just about reaching the destination, it's about the journey. So, let's embrace this eco-friendly ride and contribute towards a greener future.

Happy Yuluing!

Charles Miller is a veteran bike enthusiast with over 12 years of experience dealing with bikes as a mechanic. Despite immense love and expertise for his Tacoma, he rides his Trek Ebike more. Anytime you meet him, you’ll either hear him talking about Bikes, or writing about all things bikes and cars on this blog. 

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