How Much Is a Super 73 Electric Bike?

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Navigating the world of electric bikes can feel like wandering through a dense forest, especially when it comes to understanding the varying price points. Have you ever wondered how much a Super 73 electric bike costs?

Well, it's not a straightforward answer, as the price can swing between $1,500 and $3,500, depending on the model and any additional accessories you choose. But before you gasp at the potential cost, remember that there's a lot more to consider.

So, are you ready to pedal deeper into the pricing maze of Super 73 electric bikes, uncovering what makes them worth the investment?

Key Takeaways

  • Super 73 electric bike prices range from $1,395 to $3,995, depending on the specific model chosen and any customizations or additional accessories.
  • Financing options are available, allowing for payment in installments.
  • The Super 73 models include the S2, Z1, R-Series, and RX, each designed for different riding experiences and preferences.
  • Factors affecting the price include the specific model variation chosen, customizations and accessories, and the option for an extended warranty.

Understanding Super 73 Pricing

When it comes to understanding the pricing of Super 73 electric bikes, you'll find that the cost hinges on the specific model you choose, any customizations or additional accessories you opt for, and whether you decide to invest in protection plans or extended warranties. You'd notice that the price typically falls between $1,395 to $3,995, with the higher-end models and customized options at the top end.

As you delve deeper into understanding Super 73 pricing, pay attention to the details. Customization options and additional accessories, like a removable battery, aren't simply nice-to-have features; they can significantly influence the final price of your bike. Even the choice of protection plans and extended warranties can add to the overall cost, impacting your decision-making process.

What's more, Super 73 offers financing options, allowing you the flexibility of paying for your electric bike in installments. This can also affect the overall price, making the bike more accessible or more costly in the long run.

Breakdown of Super 73 Models

Let's now take a look at the various Super 73 bike models available, their pricing, and key features.

You'll find that each model offers unique elements designed to enhance your biking experience.

A comparison of these features will help you understand the value each model brings and assist you in making an informed purchasing decision.

Super 73 Bike Varieties

Delving into the various models of Super73, you'll discover a range including the S2, Z1, R-Series, and RX, each meticulously designed to cater to different riding experiences and preferences.

  1. The S2, a high-performance Super 73 electric bike, is perfect for urban adventures with its comfortable 2Up seat and adjustable air suspension.
  2. The Z1, part of the Super 73 bike varieties, provides effortless rides with its lightweight aluminum alloy frame and banana-style seat.
  3. The R-Series is designed for off-road thrills, offering higher top speeds and extended range.
  4. Lastly, the RX model, with its durable and high-powered motor, promises an exhilarating riding experience.

Regardless of your preference, Super73 has a model that'll make you feel like you belong to the electric bike community.

Pricing Across Models

Navigating through Super 73's range of electric bikes, you'll find varying price points tailored to accommodate different budgets and preferences. Each model, from the entry-level to the high-end, has its unique price based on its features and performance capabilities. To give you an idea, here's a breakdown of some models:

Model Key Features Price
Z1 Entry-level, 20 mph speed $1,395
S1 Mid-range, 20-25 mph speed, improved battery $1,800
RX High-end, 20-28 mph speed, dual suspension $3,495

Key Features Comparison

After discussing the varying price points of the different Super73 models, it's essential to also consider the key features of each model as these largely influence their pricing. So, here's a breakdown:

  1. Each model features an adjustable front, letting you tailor the ride to your comfort and style.
  2. The inverted coil spring fork is a common feature across all models, ensuring a smooth ride on any terrain.
  3. The Super73 comparison tool provides a detailed analysis of each model's specs, helping you make an informed decision.
  4. With a choice of 11 different models, you're bound to find your perfect ride.

Understanding these key features won't only help you feel a sense of belonging to the Super73 community, but also ensure you get the best value for your money.

Cost of Standard Super 73

When you're eyeing up a standard Super 73 electric bike, you're looking at a starting price of $1,995. This isn't an insignificant sum, but consider the value you're getting.

Super 73 electric bikes are top-notch, designed for optimal performance, durability, and style. They're perfect for exploring your city, allowing you to navigate urban landscapes with ease and efficiency.

But the cost doesn't stop at the base price. You might choose to customize your bike with accessories or opt for added coverage with one of Super 73's protection plans, starting at $149. You may also consider an extended warranty through the Super 73 + Extend program. Each of these additions can influence the final price.

How much is a Super 73 electric bike then? It depends on your personal preferences and needs.

Premium Super 73 Price Tag

expensive super 73 e bike

If you're aiming for high-end performance and unique customizations, Super 73's premium electric bikes, typically priced between $2500 to $4500 depending on the model and features, might be your perfect pick. This premium Super 73 price tag reflects the superior quality, advanced technology and unique design elements that set these bikes apart.

The higher-end models, coming in at around $4000 to $4500, provide unparalleled performance. This includes advanced features such as larger motors and extended range batteries.

If customization is your thing, don't be surprised if the price tag reaches upwards of $5000. Custom paint jobs, upgraded seats or handlebars, and high-end accessories can push the cost up.

Regardless of the model, you're investing in a Super 73 electric bike that's designed for those seeking a unique ride that stands out from the crowd.

The price varies depending on the specific model, battery capacity, motor power, and additional accessories chosen. This means you can tailor your bike to fit your budget and riding needs.

Factors Affecting Super 73 Price

When considering the purchase of a Super 73 electric bike, it's crucial to understand the elements that influence its price. The specific model variation you choose and the additional features you opt for are two significant price determinants.

Let's analyze how these factors can impact your overall cost.

Model Variations and Price

You'll notice that the price of a Super 73 electric bike can fluctuate significantly, largely due to the model variation and the range of customizable features available.

  1. The Super 73 S2, with its superior road noise reduction, is priced around $2,695.
  2. The Z-Series offers effortless models with prices varying based on design and features.
  3. S-Series models come with a range of specifications impacting the price point.
  4. Customizations and accessories from Noyes Ave.Irvine also affect the total cost.

Added Features Cost

Diving deeper into the cost of Super 73 electric bikes, it's clear that added features and customizations can substantially tip the scales, increasing the overall price. Accessory options, ranging from storage solutions to style enhancements, can personalize your ride but also add to your overall cost.

An extended warranty, while offering peace of mind, will also affect your pocketbook.

In a detailed cost analysis, considering these added features is essential. It's not just about the base price, it's about the total investment. Super73's dedicated support teams are there to help you make the best choices, ensuring you get the most from your purchase.

Comparing Super 73 to Other E-Bikes

super 73 versus other e bikes

In comparing Super 73 eBikes to other brands, it's important to consider factors like the global community, customizable options, comparison tools, customer support, and the bike's overall performance. Super 73 isn't just a bike brand, it's a thriving global community of adventure seekers and boundary pushers. You aren't just buying a bike, you're joining a family.

Cost comparison: Super 73 eBikes may carry a higher price tag, but the value lies in the extensive customization options letting you make the bike truly your own.

Performance comparison: With a robust, high-powered motor and user-friendly riding experience, Super 73 outperforms many eBikes in its class.

Customer Reviews: Riders rave about the dedicated customer support and easy access to information, showing the brand's commitment to their community.

Customization: Super 73 encourages riders to break the mold with a wide range of accessories and personalization options.

When it comes to eBikes, it's not just about the ride, it's about the experience. With Super 73, you're not only getting a high-quality, high-performance eBike, you're becoming part of a passionate global community.

Financing Options for Super 73

While the initial cost of a Super 73 eBike might seem steep, the brand offers convenient financing options to make owning one of these high-performance bikes more accessible. Through Affirm, a trusted financing partner, you're presented with a range of affordability options. This allows for payment flexibility, as you can split your purchase into low monthly payments over a set period.

One of the key financing benefits is the quick and easy process. Instead of waiting for loan approvals, by selecting Affirm at checkout, you can find out almost instantly if you qualify for financing options. This means you can get your Super 73 bike sooner without the need for a sizable upfront payment.

The financing options provided by Super 73 are designed to make purchasing their eBikes a more manageable investment. This is a testament to the brand's commitment to creating a sense of belonging among their customers. It isn't just about selling high-performance eBikes; it's about making them accessible and affordable to a wider audience.

Is Super 73 Worth the Money?

evaluating super 73 s value

So, you may be wondering, is the Super 73 electric bike truly worth the investment? Let's explore this by considering its cost-effectiveness, value as a long-term investment, customer reviews, and support and warranty.

  1. Cost-effectiveness: Super 73 electric bikes, while initially pricey, are cost-effective in the long run. They cut down on fuel and maintenance costs compared to traditional bikes or cars.
  2. Long-term investment: Super 73 isn't just a vehicle; it's a lifestyle choice. With customization options and a wide range of accessories, you're investing in a unique riding experience. Plus, no license or insurance is required, making it a practical choice.
  3. Customer reviews: Users rave about the Super 73, praising its performance, durability, and style. The sense of community among users is a testament to the brand's quality and service.
  4. Support and warranty: Super 73 provides dedicated customer support and maintenance teams, ensuring you're not left in the lurch should any issues arise.

Maintenance Costs of Super 73

When considering the Super 73 electric bike, it's important to factor in the ongoing maintenance costs.

This includes routine upkeep such as tire replacements, chain adjustments, and brake pad replacements, as well as potential costs for battery replacements or upgrades.

You'll also need to consider occasional electrical system check-ups, software updates, and possible professional servicing for the motor and drivetrain to ensure optimal performance.

Routine Super 73 Upkeep

To ensure your Super 73 electric bike continues functioning at its best, it's critical to regularly check and clean the chain, sprockets, and gears for smooth operation and longevity. The cost of maintenance is a small price to pay for the importance of upkeep and maximizing the lifespan of your electric bike. Here's a quick four-step routine to help:

  1. Inspect and maintain tire pressure for optimal performance and safety.
  2. Keep the battery charged and in good health for maximum efficiency.
  3. Check and tighten all bolts and fasteners to avoid potential issues.
  4. Consider professional servicing for motor and electrical components for long-term reliability.

Adopting these practices will keep your Super 73 running smoothly and efficiently, ensuring you remain part of the e-bike community for years to come.

Repair Expenses Breakdown

Understanding the breakdown of repair expenses is crucial in the overall cost of owning a Super 73 electric bike. This includes parts such as brakes, tires, and batteries. The cost breakdown of common repairs can vary based on usage frequency and environmental conditions. For instance, more frequent use or harsh weather may cause faster wear and tear, which in turn increases maintenance costs. It's vital to consider these potential expenses when budgeting for repairs.

Setting aside a specific budget for unexpected repair costs will ensure the ongoing performance and safety of your bike. This approach not only helps you avoid any surprise expenses but also contributes to the longevity of your Super 73. By investing in regular maintenance and repairs, you can extend the lifespan of your bike and make it a wise long-term investment.

Saving Tips for Super 73 Purchase

smart ways to save

If you're looking to purchase a Super 73 electric bike without breaking the bank, considering refurbished or pre-owned options can offer significant savings. By understanding the warranty terms and conditions, you can ensure that you're not compromising on the safety and longevity of your bike.

To make a smart purchase, consider:

  1. Comparing customer reviews: This gives you insight into the bike's performance and potential issues.
  2. Evaluating long-term savings: Calculate potential maintenance and repair costs, and factor them into your purchase decision.
  3. Keeping an eye on promotions and deals: Super 73 periodically offers discounts or promotions that can help you save.
  4. Exploring payment plans: Super 73 may offer flexible payment options, allowing you to spread the cost over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the SUPER73 Worth It?

Yes, it's worth it. You'll love the Super73's long battery lifespan, high comfort level, and low maintenance costs. It's a reliable bike that offers a sense of belonging in the Super Squad community.

How Fast Do SUPER73 Bikes Go?

You'll love the speed of a Super 73 electric bike. They top out at over 20 MPH for Classes 1/2, and even reach 28+ MPH for Class 3/Off-Road. Enjoy the ride, you're in for a thrill!

Yes, you're in luck! Super73 electric bikes are street legal in the U.S. There's no need for a license, registration, or insurance. However, always adhere to safety measures and usage limits for a smooth ride.

What Is the Top Speed of the Super 73 RX Ebike?

You'll find the Super 73 RX Ebike hits a top speed of 28+ MPH in Class 3/Off-Road mode. In Class 1/2 mode, it's 20+ MPH. Speed can vary based on your selected ride mode.


In the grand scheme of things, the Super 73 price tag is a drop in the bucket considering the joy and convenience it brings. It's an investment, not an expense.

Ultimately, the thrill of zipping through city streets, feeling the wind in your hair, makes every penny worthwhile. So, weigh your options, consider the costs, and if it's within your means, don't hesitate to splurge a little on this electric adventure.

After all, you can't put a price on happiness.

Charles Miller is a veteran bike enthusiast with over 12 years of experience dealing with bikes as a mechanic. Despite immense love and expertise for his Tacoma, he rides his Trek Ebike more. Anytime you meet him, you’ll either hear him talking about Bikes, or writing about all things bikes and cars on this blog. 

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